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70 ton vertical WLL lift with a polyester roundsling?

It can be done with EPP21 from Filtec Precise!

EPP Innovation EPP

Filtec Precise’s innovative roundsling, EPP21, gives new meaning to polyester roundsling:

  • Much faster fabrication times
  • Increase sling efficiency up to 15% in 45+ ton (#13 and up) slings
  • Higher breaking strengths
  • Less overall yarn use saving weight and possible reduction in jacket widths

Thanks to the Enhanced Chemical Finish, our customers have seen significant sling efficiency increase using EPP.

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Customer Testimonials

“Filtec’s EPP21 is an amazing innovation! With my RMS-Pro and EPP21, we are able to build FOUR #13 (50 ton vertical WLL) roundslings at a time. That is incredible efficiency and allows us to meet tight customer deadlines with ease.”

Todd Negus
President of OSP Sling, Sequim WA

“You just can’t believe the difference between EPP21 and standard 100k poly. EPP21 runs great and we get much higher efficiency that allows us to make a smaller, lighter poly roundslings up to 75 ton WLL. It is much easier to make longer slings with EPP21’s Enhanced Chemical Finish and the heavier core yarns allow the load to be shared more evenly. We are very happy with this new product from Filtec-Precise.

Fred Ambli
Vice President of R&D Lift-Pro International, Duluth, MN

“I think the key benefit of EPP21 is Filtec’s Enhanced Chemical Finish on the yarn. This allows the strands to slide thus giving us better balance. We get very few sagging strands even on our big slings. Since Filtec has combined this new finish with 210,000 denier, we now use less than half the wraps which also gives us better balance and saves us production time. We can now make slings much more efficiently and even achieve #13 slings (50 ton vertical WLL) which we could not get with standard 100,000 denier.

Eric McCallum
President of Arctic Wire Rope & Supply Anchorage, AK