We make the yarn fit

The special is often invisible. The technical yarns twisted and finished by us can be found worldwide in a wide variety of applications, for example in filter fabrics, construction textiles, geotextiles, conveyor belts, high-pressure hoses, sewing thread or in medical technology. And new areas of application for technical yarns are added every day.

At the interface between yarn manufacturer and yarn processor, we are your partner for the finishing of yarns.


The finishing of yarns today requires a great deal of different know-how. We offer you a wide range of services for this purpose.

Product Development

In our in-house laboratory, we have all the technologies at our disposal to be able to work with you on the development of new products.

Yarn purchase

We will gladly take over the purchase of the basic yarn for you. We keep large quantities of all relevant yarns in stock at all times. Alternatively, we are happy to store your yarn templates, tubes and packaging.

Assembling and intermingling

Either as an upstream process step or stand-alone, we can assemble and intermingle your yarns. In addition, we can also bind your yarn.


Based on your requirements, we choose the optimal twisting technology for you. We can do ring twisting or two-for-one twisting for you.

Heat treatment

For the wide adjustment of yarn properties, we can resort to various methods of heat treatment, also together with steam


We can wind your yarns to almost any tube size. There is the possibility to apply different coatings – also in combination with heat treatment.

Why Filtec?


We offer you the shortest delivery times. Due to high yarn stocks and a flexible machine park, we offer you fast deliveries.


We flexibly implement your requirements in order processing. Whether quantities, deadlines, digital data exchange or other requirements.


We support you in the development of your products right from the start. Together we develop the technically and economically optimal twisted yarns for your individual application.


We are your partner for sophisticated yarns. We supply you with even the most sensitive twisted yarns in perfect quality.

With our decades of experience and our distinctive technical expertise, we are your partner for new product ideas and efficient series products. The readiness and flexibility to take over preliminary work from you are maxims for our range of services. Feel free to contact us at any time!

We will be happy to advise you on our customized services.